How to integrate?

Method 1: List your event for ticket sales on conferplace website

  1. Create an Event Listing: Begin by creating an event listing on the conferplace website. (Click here to list your event for ticket sales) Provide all the necessary details about your event, including date, time, location, ticket types, and pricing.
  2. Enable Ticket Sales: Within your event listing, enable ticket sales and specify the available ticket types and their respective prices.
  3. Integrate conferplace Payment Gateway: conferplace's payment gateway is seamlessly integrated into the event listing process. Once you've set up your ticket sales, attendees can securely purchase tickets using various payment methods supported by conferplace.
  4. Receive Daily Updates: Monitor ticket sales and attendee data via daily updates sent to your email inbox. These updates will provide you with valuable insights into sales analytics, attendee information, and payment status, allowing you to manage your event effectively.

Method 2: Integrate "click to buy" button on third party website/ blog

  1. Request Embed Code: To integrate a "click to buy" button on your third-party website or blog, simply write to us via email at requesting the embed code for your event.
  2. Receive Embed Code: We'll promptly respond to your email with the embed code tailored for your event. This code contains all the necessary information to link directly to your event's ticket sales page on conferplace.
  3. Embed the Code: Access the HTML code of your third-party website or blog where you want to place the "click to buy" button. Paste the embed code provided by us into the desired location within your website's code.
  4. Publish and Test: Once the code is pasted, publish your website or blog to make the changes live. Visitors to your website/blog can now click on the embedded button to directly access your event's ticket sales page on conferplace and make purchases securely.

Unlock Seamless Event Payments


How quickly can I start accepting payments for my events using conferplace's payment gateway?

You can integrate our payment gateway into your event pages almost instantly. With a quick and straightforward setup process, you'll be ready to accept payments in no time, allowing you to focus on planning and promoting your event.

Is conferplace's payment gateway secure for processing online transactions?

Yes, absolutely. We prioritize the security of all financial transactions conducted through our platform. conferplace's payment gateway employs advanced encryption techniques and adheres to industry-leading security standards, ensuring that all sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access or data breaches.

What payment methods does conferplace's payment gateway support?

conferplace's payment gateway accepts a wide range of payment formats to cater to diverse attendee preferences. This includes major credit/debit cards, popular digital wallets, and bank transfers. By offering multiple payment options, we ensure maximum convenience and flexibility for both organizers and attendees.

Can I use conferplace's payment gateway on external websites or blogs?

Yes, you can. conferplace's payment gateway is designed to be seamlessly integrated into third-party websites and blogs. This feature allows you to extend the reach of your events beyond the conferplace platform, enabling you to sell tickets and process payments across various online channels, thereby maximizing your event's exposure and revenue potential.